The Albertine Brothers
Congregation of the Brothers of the Third Order of St. Francis
founded by St. Brother Albert, 1888, in Cracow, Poland
Ways to offer your support

 We ensure our prayerful memory
as a gratitude to all those who open
their hearts for the needs of the neighbours. In this intention we
celebrate a monthly Holy Mass.

The albertine work is often dependent on our benefactors' generosity and good will which makes it possible for our service to develop and spread among larger groups of the needy. We would be very thankful for any support you may give to our work. We would appreciate your prayer in the intentions of our Congregation, as well as a financial help offered onto our bank accounts:

    Congregation of the Albertine Brothers, ul. Krakowska 43, 31-066 Krakow, PL

  • USD account: SWIFT CODE: PL 27124022941111000037185503 PKO PPLPW
  • EUR account: SWIFT CODE: PL 93124022941978000037185574 PKO PPLPW
  • GBP account: SWIFT CODE: PL 80124022941789000037185558 PKO PPLPW
  • CHF account: SWIFT CODE: PL 63124022941797000037185561 PKO PPLPW
Congregation of Albertine Brothers, 31-066 Kraków/Cracow, ul. Krakowska 43, Poland